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Apps 4 Climate Action ยป FAQs


Please find below a list of FAQs regarding the Apps 4 Climate Action Contest. If you have a question and you don't see it here, please email: and we will add it to the list.

Frequently Asked Questions


I understand that the Province gets a "royalty free" license for 12 months. Does that mean I can't sell my app?

The Province maintains a royalty free license to display on and utilize for non-commercial purposes the submitted version of your application throughout the competition and for 12 months following the close of the Submission Deadline. Your Submission to the Apps 4 Climate Action Contest must remain accessible for free "as is" on for 12 months following the announcement of the winners. The version of the app submitted to the Contest cannot be changed during the 12-month period. That does not prevent Contestants from further developing their apps or selling what was submitted.

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Can I submit an iPhone App? If so, how do I do this?

For iPhone apps or apps developed for other platforms that are not easily shared on the web before store approval, you may submit your app using a web framework designed for those platforms. An internet search will return a variety of options such as Wavefront or PhoneGap. You may also provide a link to a video of all the features of the application. The Competition Administrator may request access to the application in person or via any reasonable manner to verify any criteria about the software application.

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We have not used any data from the Climate Change Data Catalogue but we developed a climate change-related app. Would we qualify to enter?

No. The Official Rules specifically require apps to use at least one data set from the Climate Change Data Catalogue. If you integrate such data into your submission, the app would qualify for consideration. (Updated June 17, 2010)

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Can more than one person work on an app and receive credit for it? And if the app wins a prize, will the prize money be split among the creators?

Yes, more than one person may work on an app. Prizes are awarded to the individual that submitted the App. Contest winners are responsible for any further distribution of prizes.

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Can people enter more than once?

Yes, once registered, individuals can submit more than one app. Each submission must be its own submission and include the required information to be considered for adjudication.

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Do the submitted apps have to be ideas for newly created products, or can they be based on existing products?

Applications may be based on existing products provided they comply with all of the requirements outlined in the Official Rules.

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I have entered a competition with my app in the past. Is my app eligible?

No. If the identical application has been submitted to another competition, it is not eligible for the Apps 4 Climate Action Contest.

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What plans are there to add more data? I have some specific data requests and wonder how I can properly make them?

For any questions regarding the Climate Change Data Catalogue, please visit the FAQ section of the Data Catalogue website at:

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If I'm having problems with a specific data set on the Climate Change Data Catalogue, who should I contact?

For any questions regarding the Climate Change Data Catalogue, please visit the Contact section of the Data Catalogue website at:

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I read the Rules but I am not sure what data I can use. Can you explain the Data licensing?

Entrants can use any publically available data but their entry must include at least one data set from the Climate Change Data Catalogue. All necessary permissions, rights or licenses are granted only for data sets where the Agency name begins with "Province of B.C.".

The Province cannot grant license to information contained on sites outside our jurisdiction. Any catalogue entry where the Agency name does not begin with 'Province of B.C.' is outside of our jurisdiction. Entrants must secure the necessary permissions, rights or licenses to use that material or any other third party material.

Please contact us at if you need help with the necessary permissions, rights or licenses to material for the contest.

The Climate Change Data Catalogue provides easy access to provincial climate and other related data. It is also a reference point for other non-Provincial climate and related data. We hope that with input from the public, the catalogue will grow, increasing its value as a climate change information source. (Updated June 17, 2010)

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Why are there file formats in the catalogue that are hard to code with?

Coders are a key audience for us, but they are not our only audience. There are many others who can benefit from the data captured in a variety of formats. That's not to say we aren't interested in making data within our control more useable. If you've spotted some B.C. data that you'd like to see in a new format, contact us at

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Do I have a license to use any data set in the catalogue in the Apps 4 Climate Action contest?

No. You are licensed to use any data set labelled 'Province of B.C.' in the contest. Other data sets are subject to the licenses granted by the responsible organizations. For example, data from the Canadian Federal Government is licensed for use for non-commercial purposes. The Apps 4 Climate Action contest is a non-commercial purpose. Please contact us at if you need help with the necessary permissions, rights or licenses to material for the contest. (Updated June 17, 2010)

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Why have you included data from sources that aren't B.C.?

We've included data sets from jurisdictions outside of B.C. because we thought the information was important and relevant to understanding climate change here in our province. Climate change is a global issue, and the best information won't be held by one jurisdiction alone. (Updated June 18, 2010)

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What do I do if I'd like to see data in a different format?

Publishing data in practical formats is a new area for the Provincial government. We're looking to learn as much as we can about your data needs. So please be in touch to see if we can address any challenges you might be having.

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What if I have more questions about the data, or suggestions to improve what you are doing?

Be in touch; we'd love to hear from you. Contact us at

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How will I find out about changes to the data catalogue?

We will send you updates about the data catalogue using the e-mail address you gave us when you registered.

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Why was the deadline for submissions extended? Were other changes made to the contest?

The submission deadline was extended until August 8, 2010 in response to programmers’ requests to have more time to code their applications. Public voting has therefore been shifted accordingly to run from August 11 to August 29, 2010. The announcement of winners on September 16, 2010 remains the same.

Another request that came from developers was for clarification on what data an app was required to be use for the app to be admissible for the contest. In the interest of promoting all the great climate data, including new data sets such as the Community Energy and Emission Inventory, the data criteria for an admissible application is now expanded to include any data set found in the Climate Change Data Catalogue. See the FAQs related to licensing for more information on this topic. (Added June 17, 2010)

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Where can I find information on the SAP and Microsoft developer tools?

Access reporting and analytics tools, including Crystal Reports 2008 and Xcelsius 2008, on SAP's A4CA microsite.

Access a variety of tools from the following links:

(Added June 22, 2010)



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