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LiveSmart BC - Blog

LiveSmart BC - Blog

June 30, 2011

B.C. Government Announces Carbon Neutrality

UPDATE: April 5, 2012
Moving Forward with Carbon Neutral Government: Engagement Report
NEW Carbon Neutral Government Overview (April Bulletin)

We did it! British Columbia has just become the first provincial/state jurisdiction in North America to achieve carbon neutrality in public sector operations. Kudos and congratulations!

As of June 30, 2011, all public sector organizations in the province have offset carbon emissions from 2010 operations. Read the News Release & Backgrounder.

Carbon Neutral B.C. - Transforming B.C.'s Public Sector 
To fully appreciate the achievement, read Carbon Neutral B.C. - Transforming B.C.’s Public Sector.

LiveSmart BC is also proud to host a series of web pages and features that tell the story of how every school, hospital, university, Crown corporation, and government office found innovative and inspiring ways to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, cut energy costs, and demonstrate greener leadership in their sectors.

Celebrate and become more familiar with the details surrounding this incredible climate action success story:  Review highlights from your community, watch slideshows, view reports, learn about successful projects, understand more about reductions and offsets... and discover new ways for you and your organization to reduce your own carbon footprint.

The following is a summary of the pages, content and materials being featured on

  • Carbon Neutral BC
    • your homepage for everything "carbon neutral government"
    • check out our Flickr Slideshow
  • Understanding Carbon Neutrality
    • Measure − the tools and systems used to measure and track GHGs in operations
    • Reduce − investments and strategies for improving energy-efficiency and reducing consumption
    • Offset − how investments in clean-tech works to counteract the effects of GHG emissions
    • Report − engaging the public and demonstrating success through accountable results reporting
  • Carbon Neutral Reporting by Sector
    • introduces the legislative requirements and provides the 2010 carbon neutral report
    • summarises facts and figures for the public sector as a whole (emissions, offsets, dollars)
    • provides links to the individual sector pages (schools, hospitals, universities, crowns, core government)
    • links to pages with summary and individual reports available from 20092008
  • 2010 Carbon Neutral Action Reports (individual sector pages)

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