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LiveSmart BC - Blog

LiveSmart BC - Blog

February 2, 2012

Happy Groundhog Day 2012 (Climate New Years)

Happy New Year! At least, that seems to be what Groundhogs across B.C. suggest: an early spring!

Can you believe it's February already? Wow, time flies when you’re busy taking climate action and shooting King Tide Photos (see slideshow below). Some of us are still waiting for the start of the cold winter that was forecasted but never arrived. It's tempting to use this observation to demonstrate global warming and climate change - but keep in mind that Climate is defined as the long-term trend in weather patterns over significant time periods (Learn More). Instead, observe how 8 of B.C.’s 15 hottest years on record have taken place in the past 15 years (Radio interview with Dr. Francis Zweirs / page 2 of recent PCIC update).

Over the winter storm season, photographers like you went seaside during King Tides to snap some pics of what Sea Level Rise could mean for our coastline by the end of the century.

So what can you do about it? Well: lots. For starters, you can take advantage of new LiveSmart BC incentive programmes!

  • CEV for BC
    Clean Energy Vehicle incentives provide rebates to buyers who purchase qualifying CEV products, such as electric cars and residential charging stations.
  • Small Business Program
    There are two new features your small business should look into: $1,495 for high-efficiency boilers from FortisBC + $25,000 in funding for "Champion" innovations. Apply Soon.
  • Home Energy Incentive Program
    Although the Federal ecoENERGY retrofit - Homes program's current funding has been used up, the Province still has rebates for home owners to take advantage of... Learn More.

Remember: You Choose, You Save!

Another neat thing you can do is take personal climate action by making greener choices in your everyday behaviours.  For instance, Vancouver Island University students and staff will once again be donning their "ugly sweaters" next week and participate in the WWF's National Sweater Day on Feb. 9th.  By dressing warmer at work, energy managers and facilities staff can arrange for the thermostat to be lowered slightly in the buildings, providing both CO2 reductions and savings on the natural gas bill.

So, now that you have some ideas, we'll ask you:
What are your climate action resolutions for 2012?

Share your plans and ideas in the Facebook Comments Box below, or let us know on Twitter (reply to the tweet above, or use the hashtag #greenresolution).
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