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Climate Action Charter

Most B.C. communities have made the commitment to become carbon neutral by 2012. Out of 188 municipalities, 180 have signed the B.C. Climate Action Charter.

By signing the Charter, local governments commit to measuring and reporting on their community’s greenhouse gas emissions profile. They will also work to create compact, more energy efficient communities.

Local governments can achieve carbon neutrality by reducing emissions, by purchasing carbon offsets to compensate for their greenhouse gas emissions or by developing projects to offset emissions. Such projects may include improving the energy efficiency of local government-owned and operated buildings and vehicle fleets.

On September 24, 2008, the Province announced the Climate Action Revenue Incentive program to offset the carbon tax for local governments who have signed the B.C. Climate Action Charter. To be eligible for the program, municipalities will be required to report annually on the steps they are taking – and progress they have made – to become carbon neutral by 2012.