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Free Actions

You can reduce your greenhouse gas emissions with these 15 free actions (and save money too!).

Download a one-page version of the actions to post on your fridge or hand out at your next climate action event:

Eat local food 

Eat local food: Supporting local producers and growing your own food reduces dependence on shipping food.

Make sure your dishwasher is full 

Make sure your dishwasher is full: Dishwashers use less water, energy and soap than hand-washing, but only if used properly.

Adjust your thermostat  Adjust your thermostat: You can save energy by lowering the temperature strategically, like when you go to sleep.
Unplug electronics 

Unplug electronics: Many devices consume energy even when they’re turned off.

Turn off lights when you leave the room  Turn off lights when you leave the room: Lights stop using energy as soon as they are turned off, so your savings add up by the minute.
Take shorter showers  Take shorter showers: 15 percent of a typical energy bill is spent heating water.
Wash your clothes in cold water  Wash your clothes in cold water: Cold water washing reduces fading, shrinkage and wear of clothes.
Hang your laundry 

Hang your laundry: Other than your fridge, dryers use more energy than other home appliances.

Consider other transportation options  Consider other transportation options: If you walk or ride your bike just 2.5 kilometres to work, you can save more than $250 per year.
Slow down  Slow down: For every hour you drive at 100 km/h instead of 120 km/h, you will save you about $5.
Carry less weigh in your vehicle  Carry less weight in your vehicle: The more weight you carry in your car, the more fuel your vehicle burns.
Combine vehicle trips  Combine vehicle trips: By organizing your errands, one efficient excursion can avoid several small trips.
Open your car windows to cool down  Open your car windows to cool down: You can save fuel during low-speed driving by reducing how much you use air conditioning.
Maintain tire pressure  Maintain tire pressure: Proper tire inflation maximizes fuel economy and prolongs tire life.
Stop idling  Stop idling: Idling for more than 10 seconds costs more than turning your engine off.