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LiveSmart BC

Transportation Rebates and Incentives

The motto of LiveSmart BC is You Choose, You Save.  Choose to scrap your older existing car instead of re-selling it. Choose to buy a fuel-efficient vehicle. Choose to ride a bike. Save on fuel. Save on maintenance. Save on insurance and parking.

The Clean Energy Vehicle (CEV) Program

Clean Energy Vehicle Program

On November 5, 2011, the British Columbia Government announced new program funding of $14.3 million for a new Clean Energy Vehicle Program (CEV). The CEV Program will provide British Columbians with more affordable clean energy transportation solutions.

NEW  February 14, 2014 -

- The Clean Energy Vehicle Point of Sale Incentive Program has reached its budget limit and is fully depleted.  Effective immediately, please be advised that applications to the Point of Sale Incentive Program are no longer being accepted by the New Car Dealers Association of B.C.  For further information, please contact:

- The LiveSmart BC Residential Electric Charging Station Program is reaching its budget limit. At this time, there are fewer than 50 incentives available between now and March 31, 2014. Applications will be processed on a first-come & completed basis, so hurry-up and send in your completed applications to take advantage of these time-limited incentives. For those applicants who have recently sent an application and wish to receive a status update, please contact

There are three main program areas under the CEV Program:

Incentives for Installing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

Effective February 8th, 2013, property owners of Multi-Unit Residential Buildings and Mixed Use Residential Buildings (MURBs) can apply for incentives through LiveSmart BC for the installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.  Incentives covering 80% of eligible procurement and installation costs incurred prior to March 31st, 2013 (up to $4,500 max per station) are available.   Stations must be installed by August 15th, 2013. 

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CEVforBC™ Point-of-Sale Incentives

Effective December 1st, 2011, incentives of up to $5,000 per eligible clean energy vehicle will be available to B.C. residents, businesses, non-profit organisations, and local government organisations.  Incentives will be available until March 31, 2014 or until available funding is depleted (whichever comes first). Enough funding should be available to meet the expected demand (approximately 1370 vehicle incentives).

Overall program management and administration for this LiveSmart BC Program will be through the New Car Dealers Association of BC's dedicated Clean Energy Vehicle Program website at, including a running tally of incentive funds remaining. 

For more information, please email

Residential Rebates for Purchase of Qualifying Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment

Effective December 1st, 2011, rebates of up to $500 per eligible electric vehicle charging station will be available to B.C. residents who own or lease a battery electric or plug in hybrid electric vehicle that is eligible for the Clean Energy Vehicle Program point-of-sale vehicle incentives.  Incentives will be available until March 31, 2014 or until available funding is depleted (whichever comes first).

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Plug-in BC Community Charging Infrastructure Deployment Fund

Funding is available through a new provincial Community Charging Infrastructure (CCI) Fund to help support communities, businesses and other organisations in expanding the network of electric vehicle charging stations across B.C.  This fund is targeting the deployment of up to 570 Level 2 EV Charging stations across B.C. Communities by March 31st, 2013. Open the list of Level 2 charging stations (PDF).

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Further information on CEV Program components


The Scrap-It Program

The Scrap-It Program is working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality by getting older vehicles off the road.

The program offers qualifying vehicle owners incentives to scrap their older vehicles. The incentive values are based on the greenhouse gas reduction that occurs when an old vehicle is scrapped and an incentive is used as a replacement.

Incentives are offered to support the purchase of a low emission vehicle, transit passes, credit with a car sharing organisation or a new bicycle.

For more information, visit the Scrap-It Program website.